A seismic shift in security

When water is disturbed by the touch of a leaf, the energy forms ripples which move outward from the source. When the ground is disturbed, seismic waves act similarly. The difference is that seismic waves move at thousands of meters per second and can be detected several kilometres away. Our sensors have the ability to detect these seismic ripples, which may come from a bomb impact or even a footstep. With advances in AI, circuit miniaturisation, and radio techniques, these sensors will cover the blind spots of existing systems and create an unprecedented level of security

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    See through walls

    Seismic sensors see the world as flat and unobstructed. Because seismic waves move through the ground, walls, trees, and hills are effectively invisible to the sensors.

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    Low power, long-range wireless

    Our sensors can be buried underground with nothing exposed and still achieve transmission distances up to 12km. 


This is a modern-day version of the Japanese feudal age nightingale floors. These floors were found in the Shogun or Emperors' residence and they would squeak with the sound of a Nightingale bird when stepped on. Similarly, Seitec's Nightingale system can use AI on the edge to detect footsteps and track them in real-time. The applications for this system span from military deployment to residential security. In time, the system will be able to detect and track vehicles, UAVs, and Aircraft. Note this system is currently in development but will be available for demo Q3 2022.  


The Unexploded Ordnance Tracking System is an innovative system and service which is being designed to detect ordnance impacts on weapons ranges and determine if they have gone high order or not. In any instance, the system will provide accurate GPS/MGRS coordinates and search areas. The system uses a distributed network of seismic sensors, low-power long-range wireless comms, and advanced digital signal processing. This system will significantly increase range safety and reduce the cognitive load of Range operators. Note this system is in development and will be commercially available in 2023. 

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