Deployable seismic device for detection and tracking of targets of interest

Nightingale can be used indoors and outdoors. It detects and tracks a variety of targets.

What is it?

Nightingale allows the user to passively detect and track targets of interest. Using seismic wave data and Edge-AI technology, Nightingale is not hindered by walls, barriers or other obstructions.

The Nightingale name is inspired by a simple, yet ingenious security system used in feudal Japan. The floorboards of temples and palaces were constructed in such a way that they ‘chirped’ like a nightingale bird when stepped on, alerting guards to the presence of an intruder.

Why is it needed?

Nightingale provides security, crucial data and target tracking.

Who is it for?

Defence, prisons, aged care facilities, residential homeowners, high-security areas, construction sites and commercial buildings.

What can it target and what is it capable of?

Nightingale can target any movement – from human and wildlife footsteps to UAVs and vehicles.

Biometric research and development are ongoing which means Nightingale is a constantly evolving product. This scalable and ever-growing capability creates limitless movement detection possibilities. In the future, detection capabilities will be expanded to include client driven requirements.

How does it work?

When you place a leaf on water, ripples move outward. In a similar way, movement, such as stepping on the ground, generates seismic waves which Nightingale detects.

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