Seismic sensors for the detection and localisation of bomb impacts

Near real time ordnance impact detection and tracking for enhanced weapons range safety

What is it?

UXOTrackS is short for Unexploded Ordnance Tracking System. It detects and locates ordnance upon impact and determines if they have failed to explode.

UXOTrackS is a revolutionary piece of technology designed to keep people safe. It has been invented for the military, by the military, and is therefore truly fit for purpose.


Why is it needed?

UXOTrackS will provide significant reductions in cost, human resourcing and environmental impacts, while vastly improving safety, training outcomes and productivity.

Who is it for?

Militaries that deploy ordnance onto weapons ranges, or more generally, need to know where ordnance lands.


UXOTrackS locates where ordnance has impacted, determines if it has exploded and provides real-time feedback to range control. It covers vast areas with unimpeded monitoring – regardless of vegetation or infrastructure.

How does it work?

UXOTrackS uses powerful seismic technology and an array of Edge-AI based seismic sensors to detect ordnance impacts.

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