Seismic Footstep Tracking System

Nightingale brings an old technology to the cutting edge. By deploying AI onto low power circuitry and processing seismic data, Nightingale can detect and track footsteps. In fact, anything that moves is detectable and over time, the array of detectable targets will grow based on stakeholder input.

AI Driven

AI-driven technology deployed on the edge. No need for data servers or high bandwidth "always-on" radio links. 

On-board AI will be trained to detect human footsteps, vehicles, aircraft and animals. 

End-User Deployable

Built to military spec and deployable by the end-user. 

Highly secure on-demand comms links provide silence until detections are made.   

Detection & Tracking

In the first instance, Nightingale is being designed for footstep detection.

As the technology matures, the user can work with Seitec to define the targets they wish to detect and track. 

This may include vehicles, trains, aircraft, UAV's, and the list goes on...  

Focus on Security

At Seitec, our team has decades of experience in Defence and Government and we understand security is a major concern.

All of our systems use multi-level encryption, proprietary modulation techniques, and physical access restrictions to ensure a high level of security. However, we maintain accessibility, and provided you have an authorised USB crypto keyed device, you can monitor the system from anywhere in the world.